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YouTube is starting to become my new TV. Thanks to my journalism professor for introducing me to the world of web series since my freshmen year of college. Now that it’s four years later, I’m really more into watching gay web series on YouTube. These shows tend to grab my attention and relates to my personally life as well as other gay men in the LGBT community. It also gives the viewers an idea of the different issues that goes on in the lives of many gay men. I’ve watched over 30 shows on YouTube and I’ve picked my top six gay web series that I recommend everyone to watch. I’m not actually going by the which show is better on a 1-to-5 scale but what top six shows are my favorite.

1. Freefall

Freefall is about a group of individual gay men coping with new acquaintances, changing relationships, and retribution from past decisions. But when reality starts to hit, other problems tend to occur in the dark and come to the light. This was the first-ever web series I started to watch. It also led me to watching other gay web series to see what they’re about. After watching the first episode, I continued to watch the rest of season one. After season one ended, I was very eager and excited for season two to launch. I figured that the next would be juicier than the first.  I am currently watching season two and I must say that it got deeper and deeper as I watch. Cam is not the person he use to be from the first season; X is trying to progress in life (EXCEPT when he made out with Tony and didn’t get the dead body incident situated);  Nico is trying to get caught up all over again; Chad seems to be happy with Myron; Tyson needs to get himself TO and GETHER; and I’m still wondering when will Saleem decide to become Cam’s roommate. If you don’t understand the whole issue of the web series, the only way you’ll understand and get caught up is by watching season one. Freefall comes on every Thursday at 8 p.m. on BOA TV. This hit series was created in 2012 and were written by Lamont Pierre (Director), Chris Saunders, and Geno Brooks. And as I forgot to mention that my favorite character out of this web series is Chad because he is the very laid-back and observant type of guy.

2. No Shade

This hit comedy/drama web series will have you laughing out loud until your back hurts. There are different characters living different gay lifestyles, which is very interesting and tells about how they mesh together in numerous ways. Noel Baptiste, an artist, learns to be comfortable with his sexuality with the help of three other friends: Eric, who is a promiscuous bar manager that tends to be open, honest, and blunt; Kori, a dance teacher and star of the vogue ball community; and Danielle is the sweetest transgender female hair stylist  who tends to put the day into peace and happiness. This scenario is based on real-life issues that goes on in friendships. There are very many friendships in the LGBT community that could compare and relate to this lifestyle. This web series is also based in New York City by Sean Anthony.

3. Boy Drama

First, let me start off by saying that I love Tyler. He is the type of person that I admire and love to watch. He is the type of person to clock, read, and shade you until you get yourself together. What I liked about him throughout seasons one and two was that he never changed his bold, outstanding, blunt, and fierce attitude. Also, he seems to be a very outspoken character. This show gives the audience the idea of what it’s like in the gay community. It shows how African-American gay men with several personalities tend to juggle with their relationships, friendships, and drama, and how well they can deal with them. This hit-drama scene is based in the state of Washington and directed by Don Bon.

4. Real Eyes Realizes Real Lies

This is another web series I begin to watch and fall in love with recently. The hit series is based in Memphis, Tennessee by Corey Knott. So far, there are six episodes and the lies, betrayals, and the darkest secrets are revealing itself one by one. Zomtrez has been a very outstanding character to me throughout the series. He seems to be the calm, humbled type of man to push through the good and bad no matter. One thing I’m hoping for is that I hope that he doesn’t get hurt in the next episode. An interesting fact about this web series is that the deeper it gets, the more you want to see. I’m really excited about episode 7. I’m just eager to find out what will happen next, how it will affect the characters, and what reactions will take place from the fan base.

5. Boi, Pull Your Pants Up!

My journalism professor introduced me to this web series and I liked it after watching episode four. Even though I haven’t gotten a chance to watch all the other episodes, I’m looking forward to watching all of them from season one to season two. This web-based drama series was filmed in Baltimore, Maryland. William Caldwell, the filmmaker,  tackles the issue of widespread urban America regarding sexuality, promiscuity, and sexual violence. In the episode I’ve seen, one of the characters were bisexual. He had unprotected sex with another man that he met in the gym, and turned around and had sex with his wife (which I found pretty scary and dangerous). This is one example of which I believe why very many women question some men’s sexuality before they get close to them or, otherwise, ask a gay men (who tends to know every man who’s gay and down low) about the guy they are curious about.

6. Momma’z Boi

In my opinion, I think this is an inspirational and heart-warming  web series. A mother-son relationship goes wrong after Michael King comes out to his mother, Lin, about his sexuality and doesn’t get the reaction he expects from her. After turning him away by putting him out their home, she realizes that she has a flaw, which she discovers that she is, also, gay. Afterwards, the mother-son relationship grows stronger after realizing that both of them are living an open and honest life. Despite their sexuality, they begin to discover a journey of joy, drama, laughter, and tears. This is an interesting web series because I wonder what it’s like to have a mother who is homosexual as well as me. This show also gives me the view of how the relationship begins to develop throughout the series. In season two, Lin finds out about the shooting at Michael’s college and doesn’t know if he’s one of the victims that’s either dead or alive. I’m hoping that he’s alive for the next season or it will not be the same.

Welp, these are my top six web series that I love to watch on YouTube. You can also find other web series on YouTube such as Rainbow Connection, Studville, Steel River, The Life Atlanta, Drama Queenz, DL Chronicles, T.R.A.D.E. It All, Etc.



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  2. I hear you on this one! Sometimes, people think it’s easy when they say.. oh just lower your standards and stuff like that. But we’re talking about the person you want to spend the rest of your life with (maybe taking it to the extreme in this statement). But the point is, you have to maintain your own standard and stick to it until you find him. Don’t give up!


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