image 3 reasons straight women are obsessed with asking gay men about DL men

The men you see on Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, and other social medias with the sexy bodies, big muscles, and pretty faces are more than likely on the down low. It’s getting easy for everyone to notice what behavior doesn’t seem right with some “supposed” straight guys. They tend to make it obvious as if many females wouldn’t notice it. And trust me when I say this, a lady peeps out EVERYTHING even when she’s pretending that she doesn’t know. What makes this interesting is that us gay men can sense these things from a mile away before anyone else mentions it. This is what drives many women to seek answers from gay men. There are three reasons why straight women are obsessed with asking them about down low men.

1) To know the truth

Most down-low guys will use girls as cover ups, girlfriends, etc., to hide his real sexual orientation. Well, speaking of cover ups, let me share ONE example. Something, you all must see to open your eyes.

This is a picture collage, below, of the Instagram stunt model Jon Jon Lamar. He was supposedly in a three-year relationship with some “woman” who was a street-walker who threw her plastic coochie at rich white men, gooping them for their credit cards and $100-$500 worth of gift cards, and will give them to Jon Jon. He was also exposed for sleeping with other men in exchange for money.



This is what Funky Dineva tells us in her blog:



“Well I guess whomever JonJon was kicking it with on the side, and allegedly sending his naked picture to did not appreciate being relegated to a mere sidepiece. The scorned sidepiece sent The Doll an email with two pictures attached that read “Since he’s in a 3 yr relationship lol”.



Now, I hope you ladies see what I mean. You can’t lust and let any spirit in your Coochies. That’s an example of what is gays will call them Closet Queens. The saying, “what’s done in the dark comes to the light,” applies in these scandalous situationships. These men will get in these relationships with these women, play in other men’s booties behind closed doors (including someone you may know personally), and possibly carrying “the bugs” he will never tell anyone about. So, there’s nothing wrong with asking gay men something you don’t know about.

2) Making sure they’re not tripping


The girls just want to know if they’re not tripping by making sure their observation is accurate. Sometimes, I’m not so sure myself but wouldn’t be a surprise to me when it’s already in the air. This is another reason why they ask. If they see something that’s odd about a straight man’s behavior, they’re going to automatically assume that something isn’t right. As much as they want to, they’ll always try to look at it differently or double-check for clues by asking the nearest gay man they see who can give them the answer. No shade but watch out for the ones who always say “BRO’S OVER HOES.”

3) To out DL men

Now, this is when gays must watch for who they spill information to because some people can be very messy. I’m not going to lie when I say there are some scandalous, ratchet, trifling, and conniving females out her in this society. No shade but some females who are that way are mostly the ones who will tell someone’s business in a split second just to ruin their reputation.

One example is when I use to associate with this gay guy  (even though it’s a boy) who had tons of female friends, which one of them were messy as hell. Soon as she found out about me and this DL guy, which was someone I knew from high school, that bitch done started some shit. Basically, it was all because of the gay guy I associated myself with trying to set me and him up for the kill. What’s sad is that the shady bitch was talking behind my back to other sources. That’s when I let the trifling bitch have the scissors. That’s why until this day, I don’t speak of or to that queen.

One thing I’ve learned about some females is you can’t tell them shit sometimes. It’s crazy that it’s the one’s you THINK you can trust. That’s why when anybody comes up to me to ask about someone, I always tell them to go ask that person because I never fucked them, slept with them, had any relations with them, I don’t fool with them, I don’t know them, and last but not least, I’m NOT them. Rather if I did knew something about or did something with them, I’m still not going to tell anybody because it’s not anybody’s business to know.

One thing I will say about people who will expose a person’s business or secret, THAT SHIT AIN’T CUTE! You don’t know what that person may be going through or not even ready to come out the closet. Learn to let people live, grow into reality, and see for themselves. It will take time to see what change they want to make in life. You can’t force someone to come out the closet. Exposing someone’s life will put them at life-threatening risk/harm and you, on the other hand, in legal trouble WITH the law.


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