The G.A.G.: Truvada

So, have you ever heard of PrEP? PrEP, which is short for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, is a HIV prevention method for individuals who are at high risk of getting infected with the virus to take a daily pill to help reduce the risk. I’m here to inform and educate you all on the importance of a PrEP pill that changed my life, how amazing this drug is and how it can save you from being at high risk of contracting HIV.

In December 2015, I was prescribed a daily PrEP pill called Truvada. It is an Nucleoside Analog Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor (NRTI) that’s used to treat HIV-1 infection and help reduce the risk of getting the virus. It’s made from two other medicines called Emtricitabine (treats the HIV infections from forming into AIDs) and Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate (treats Hepatitis B and HIV infections).

Truvada was launched in 2004 by Gilead Sciences, Incorporation. The pill is blue and has the “Gilead” saying on one side and “701” in the other. This drug is very well-known and used as the new protection for sexually active gay men. One interesting fact that I would like to add is the LGBT movement called the Truvada Whore. This campaign started in 2012 after writer David Duran’s opinion article went viral on the Huffington Post where he expressed how people who are taking PrEP are “whores.” Of course, everyone got them a piece and went in for dear blood after his opinion, which led him to a change of heart and, later, publishing another article on how Truvada is safe for people are having unprotected sex and at high risk.

Now, the statistics on this PrEP pill is mind-blowing, newsworthy, and important. This information that I’m going to tell you should be worth passing on to the next person in need. There were two articles I’ve read on people who were using the pill during a participation in several studies. The most of the studies displayed lower rates on HIV infections. One article from AIDS Med said gay men came out 100% successful in a study for using the PrEP pill. According to Benjamin, he says that the study showed that Truvada lowered the risk of the infection by almost a half. The second article I’ve read was on the Guardian. It said the pill decreased the risk of HIV infection to 86% in a study. There were over 500 participants who averaged 10 sexual partners in the previous 90 days. For several studies to have successful results showed the accuracy and helpfulness of the medication.


I strong encourage everyone to ask their doctors to be prescribed this pill if they want to stay healthy, keep from being at risk of contracting HIV, and looking to keep their status as safe as possible. A family friend of mines name Tonya Estell introduced me to Truvada, gave me important information I needed to know about it, and encouraged me to get prescribed it for numerous reasons. After getting inspired, I was prescribed with PrEP in December 2015. Every since then, I begin my monthly checkups for HIV testing and my results always came back negative. I take this pill once during the day either with or without a meal. If it wasn’t for her inspiration, everything would be different right. In conclusion, I would inspire everybody to be prescribed PrEP.