The G.A.G.: Rihanna’s Kiss It Better

I’m sorry Ciara but I love this new song by Rihanna called Kiss It Better. After coming from over a year-long hiatus, she is back coming harder like she always does. I guess the long break to get prepared for her comeback really paid off.

This hit is one of my favorites other than Close To You. No shade but I can’t really get into Work featuring Drake just yet. But any who, I live for Ms. Kiss It Better. Every time I listen to it, it gives me rock-n-roll mixed with Pop teas. The tunes of the guitar along with the beat flowing together is what draws me into the song.


What is the song about?

In this song, she is expressing about wanting a former lover back and to do better. Some people think it’s Drake, rumored boo Travis Scott, and her other rumored boo Leonardo DiCaprio. Honestly, I think it’s about Chris Brown. The reason being is that their connection was so strong that they could have been the next power couple close to Barack and Michelle Obama. Jay Z and Beyoncé are no. 2 in being the world’s power couple. NO SHADE!


Some things you need to KNOW about Rihanna’s Kiss It Better:

The song was first seen on Rih Rih’s Instagram page in December 2014, where she was recording in the studio with Nuno Bettencourt. She and Teddy Sinclair written the song together. Her producer Glass John leaked the snippet and went from Happy Meal to BIG MAD when he vent to Twitter that Travis Scott and Rih Rih were the blame for the leak and unfinished album. In one of his tweets, he referred her as his “wife.” GIRL BYE! But here’s the tweet:

And again, GIRL BYE! If she ain’t wearing the ring, it don’t mean a thing.

But here’s some good ‘ol tea about her overall album. ANTi is the eighth studio album and standing at No. 1 in the U.S. and 50 other countries on iTunes. She signed a $25 million dollar deal with Samsung, which led the company to buying one million album copies for free access to download. Tidal had over 1.4 million copies downloaded but the sales went unnoticed by Billboard and Nielsen Music. To get her album promoted, she will be going on her world tour in San Diego on Feb. 26.



According to Album of the Year, Critics scored her album at 71 out of 20 reviews. This means the album is no. 30 of 49 of its ranking. Entertain Weekly states that “Anti proves Rihanna should play by her own rules more often.” Rolling Stone magazine says, “After more than a decade as a superstar of the singles chart, Rihanna has become an album artist.” In my opinion, I believer her album has the potential to become album of the year and rack her up some awards this year.


  • If you want to see more of Rih Rih, catch her performing at the 58th Grammy Awards ceremony on CBS Feb. 15.
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But any who, let me shut up before I get my membership declined from CSquad.