Prairie View Women’s Basketball Coach Fired For Suspending Two Players From Team

Well, somebody seems salty about losing their coaching job.

Prairie View A&M Women’s Basketball Coach Dawn Brown, who lead her team to a 13-15 season, was fired for suspending two players for dating.

The news went viral days ago after she was fired just last week.


Brown claims that the players weren’t removed from the team for dating. Then what was the reason if it wasn’t dating because something ain’t adding up?

According to Texas Monthly, “It’s because the team’s rules stated that “Players may not have nonprofessional relationships with other players, coaches, managers trainers or any other persons affiliated” with the program.” Well, that statement sound like she did.

USA Today tells us that Brown said that removing the players from the roster was very hard for her. “The decision to remove the players “was extremely difficult for me but was made with consultation, encouragement and approval” of the athletics director.”

Chile bye! Because it is being said that she did get this approved of the athletic director. But Karma came with a cape and her hair laid-in Wonder Woman curls after both players filed a Title IX complaint.

What is TITLE IX? This is a law that prevents discrimination on the basis of gender—applied to prevent discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation because the gender of the people involved tends to cause the issue.

I’ve seen several college teams from NCAA Division 1, 2, & 3, all the way to NAIA schools in every women’s sport had either two players who were in a relationship or a lesbian player dating another player from another school. None of the coaches and the staff hasn’t had a problem with it as long as it doesn’t distract them from their purpose of being apart of an athletic program that’s only trying to grow and succeed.

The shenanigans is all sketchy and shady to me. Somehow, she had to be bothered about the two player’s lesbian relationship before the season since it came down to this.

One thing I’m not understanding is if the decision of removing the players was very “difficult” for you to make, why was it so easy to find a reason?

But until then, Ms. Brown, just continue with your job search boo.