GURL! YOU SEE THIS: Two Lesbian Organizations EXPOSED

BITCH! NOW THIS HERE CHILD? It’s getting real hot and juicy as we speak. In case some of you have missed the tea, Omega Psi Phi (Known as the “Q-DOGS” or “Tha Bruhz”) and Kappa Alpha Psi (Known as “The Nupes”) fraternities are feeling some type of way after discovering two Black Greek lesbian organizations (or “fraternities”) for disrespecting their organizations.

This case is very similar to another event that took place four years ago when the Miaka (Men Interested In Alpha Kappa Alpha) organization of Texas Southern and Prairie View A&M Universities were exposed for mimicking the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.

Omicron Psi Omega, a Black Greek-lettered gay organization formed in Tallahassee, Florida, are being accused of mimicking the Q’s. They went viral this past month after pictures surfaced across the internet of them with familiar signs, colors, formations, and more. The other organization, Kappa Omega Phi, went viral when a video (see at the beginning of blog) was released of four studs shimmying with red canes during Zeta week in March 2014.

The Q-Dogs, Nupes, and supporters of both of these fraternities were pressed at this matter because of its history and meaning. People have been throwing hate comments, shade, and bashing the two Greek-lettered organizations for stealing from the D9 fraternities and not being their own organization with their own creativity. NO TEA, NO SHADE but the “Rude Boys” shimmied better than some Kappas I know of.

NOW CATCH THIS TEA! This is where it gets even juicier. It is said that Kappa Omega Phi fraternity was started from a “Kappa perp,” according to the comment made from a Facebook user. Now, whoever that is already sitting on thin ice.

It’s one thing to create your own organization but there has to be some originality to it, which I do understand why some people. At the same time, people have to look at this overall situation that these organizations are INCORPORATED – their own fraternity name, history, founders, and meaning. As far as strolls, meanings, and colors? They’re closely comparable to the Q-Dogs and the Nupes, another reason these two D9 fraternities are pressed.
I figured something like this would happen in the near future. I’m just waiting on for another group of studs to create an organization similar to the Alpha (Alpha Phi Alpha) and maybe the Sigmas (Phi Beta Sigma) too. Next thing you know, they’re going to be lawsuits filed left and right.