image YES MA’AM! WNBA Star Layshia Clarendon Comes Out: “I’m Gay, I’m Christian!’ It’s Amazing.”

OMG! For some reason, I love lesbians and so fascinated with them, especially if they’re basketball players.

But gurl, remember how Brittney Griner came out when she got drafted to the Phoenix Mercury in 2013 (which of course everyone knew that)? Well, Atlanta Dream’s Layshia Clarendon came out the closet as gay and a christian. Yep, another Dream player that came out the closet too but I’ll give you the scoop on that.

“I burst out of the closet doors and was like ‘I’m gay, I’m Christian!’ It’s amazing,” the openly-gay basketball star said during an interview with NBC OUT. “A lot of who I am and my identity and being so out is wrapped up in my faith and my belief in God … [It’s] hurtful when people use religion [against me], because my sexuality and my identity and my faith – it’s all one. I don’t think I would be the Christian I am if I wasn’t the gay person I am, because so much of it is intertwined.”

Layshia told NBC she’s been having difficulties coming out the closet before she was drafted to the WNBA because of issues with her sexuality and christian beliefs. Hunnie, we all struggle know how that is especially when you want people to accept you for you.

The 25-year-old guard is now in her fourth season in the WNBA playing her first season with the Dream. Clarendon began her career with the Indiana Fever after finishing four season at California. She’s currently averaging 11.4 points and grabbing 4.4 rebounds a game in the season.

Last year, she was named Outsports Female Hero of the Year for being an advocate for LGBTQ rights. She identifies herself as a genderqueer – meaning that she understands how feels to be misidentified. This came about because of the same-gender bathroom law that passed earlier this year.

“[There’s] this rigid mold of what looks like a girl or what looks like a boy, [and] not being able to be safe in that space between,” she said. “I just want to pee in peace and people [are] like, ‘Hey, get out of here!’ It was really upsetting. I just want my civil freedoms to use the restroom like everyone else.”

With her rocking the mohawk style, she was called the “Blonde Mohawk” because it was previously dyed the color Blonde but now she names herself “rebel with a cause.” This is a really cute look on her.

The Atlanta Dream guard feels that the WNBA is home and has a large LGBTQ fan base. She feels the league has done a very good job marketing with the Pride campaign but doesn’t agree with the homophobia in certain occasions. I’m not going to go into all that because their several other people in league that are lesbians but just playing it off. Anywho, Angel McCoughtry, Clarendon’s teammate and star guard for the Atlanta Dream, also came out last year after an Instagram post of her and her now-fiancee went viral. Layshia is now the second player on the Atlanta Dream to come out as a lesbian.

Congrats to Layshia and good luck throughout the season.

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