video VIDEO: Man Pulls Gun Out On “Gay”Man For Wearing Tight Pants

The stupidest shit you don’t want to do is pull out a gun in public – AND for the WORLD WIDE WEB to see – on a man you don’t know because you assumed that person is “gay” by the clothes he have on.

Yesterday, a video went viral of a Detroit man pulling out a gun on another man coming out of a liquor store -who was minding his business with a glassed juice in his hand- for wearing tight jeans and appearing to be “gay.”

In the video, he says, “He gay as hell, bro. Dick-in-the-booty-ass niggas.” As soon as the guy walks out the store, the man pulls out a gun on him and says, “take off your motherfuckin’ pants.”

Now wait? Let me put this all together. So you’re telling me this man is sitting on the passenger side of his friend’s car with a black Fisher Price Nerf Gun BIG MAD at that man, whose minding his business, for appearing “gay” at a liquor store and a tank top with some tight jeans to get a jug of juice? That was his reasoning for pulling a gun out on him and calling him all kinds of names from the Merriam-Webster dictionary? Sounds to me like someone is either has some kind of insecurity issues or one of the closet queens.


The suspect goes by @binswanson on Twitter,where he posted several of his harsh and bashful tweets towards the situation and numerous gay people. Numerous twitter users who commented on the situation tagged the Detroit Police Department’s account to call for an investigation on the incident. A spokeswoman for DPD tells BLAC the department is checking to see if there is an investigation.

Bitch! The video is right in yall’s faces to see. There need to be action taken on this incident immediately. That man could go pull a gun on someone else for the same reason when he don’t know these innocent people. He already put one person in danger and could’ve shot him for no reason.