Detroit Trade Apologizes, Turns Himself In


Just four days ago, a video a Detroit man pulling out a gun on a stranger at a liquor store because he appeared to be gay went viral. It was all because he was wearing “tight” jeans. Because of this misbehavior, a warrant was sent out for his arrest. But GURL! Guess what he did? And you would probably be shocked because I don’t know many guys who can hold themselves accountable for their ignorants.

Earlier yesterday, Stephen Edwards, Jr., the Detroit trade who pulled the gun on the victim, made an apology video on Periscope for the LGBT community before he turned himself in to the police.

Trade admitted that he was intoxicated, he wasn’t raised to hate gays, have gay relatives in his family, and he knew the victim personally. Bitch what! And he knew the victim PERSONALLY? CHIIILLLLLLEEEEEE.

But anywho, I applaud him for stepping and admitting that he was wrong. Not very many straight men can acknowledge when they make mistakes like this.

Here’s the link to the video: