FRANK OCEAN: Where Is His Album?


Is Frank Ocean dead? Did the Grinch stole his album too? This album still hasn’t released yet and it’s the afternoon.

It appears that some people can’t find Frank Ocean’s new “Boys Don’t Cry” album. The “Thinkin’ Bout You” singer made it known last month that he will be releasing the album this month. It’s been circulating for weeks that it’s expected to release today.


Around midnight, no album, no face, no library card, no nothing. It’s the afternoon and still no album, no face, no library card, no nothing. Not even an apology has been made yet to inform all the fans what the problem is. Fans, supporters, and allies are getting nothing but no search results on their iTunes, Google, and other sites.

I don’t know what’s the gag on why he hasn’t released this album yet but he’s about to have a pressed fan base full of angry people if he doesn’t stop playing with people’s emotions. He better get it together before he end up like Keyshia Cole.