Virginia Wedding Caterer Killed Over Chairs


This can’t be serious. A 35-year-old wedding caterer was pronounced dead on Saturday night after being stabbed by a 19-year-old seasonal park worker.

Tyonne Johns, who goes by the name “Chef Ty,” was involved in an argument with Kempton Bonds over some damn chairs. Now, it had to be more than about the chairs?


According to, Johns was putting up the folding chairs after a wedding ceremony at Ellanor C. Lawrence Park in Chantilly, VA. It lead to Bonds picking with her for loading the chairs that belong to her company.

The primary factor that may have led to this murder was that Johns is a lesbian, meaning that he killed her just because she was gay. If that’s the case, then this is a hate crime when he’s already being hit with the second-degree murder charge.

As the ceremony ended at 11 p.m., Bonds confronted her about the chairs being loaded into her company truck according to the police. He claimed the chairs belong to the park but the argument turned into a murder scene with Bonds stabbing John with a three-inch knife until she was pronounced dead after being taken to the hospital.

Seymone Spence, John’s friends, told WUSA9 that chairs took her friend’s life. “She ordered chairs and was trying to get them back on the truck and he thought she was taking his chairs.” According to another source (Eraena Seymour) who’s also her friend, told WTVR that “lesbian, bisexual, gay, we have to silence ourselves because of someone else being uncomfortable.”

Now, I hope y’all caught all that tea both friends just confirmed that SHE ordered the chairs and he was clearly coming for her just because he knew she was gay.

This is where the confirmation gets obvious that he clearly didn’t like her because she was gay. The friend (Spence) also told WUSA that Kempton appeared to have ‘no respect’ for gay people. She also says that he was upset with the behavior of the wedding guests, shut off power at the venue and called the police to make a noise complaint at one point during the wedding ceremony.

Girl, if he was that uncomfortable at a wedding ceremony that was filled with “people he don’t like,” then he shouldn’t be working at nobody’s park with that type of homophobic behavior. Ugh, this is why I can’t stand homophobic ass people. Stuff like this hurts my hurt to hear someone being killed over their sexuality. May we all pray for her family and friends.