IS IT TRUE? Faizon Love Claims That Katt Williams Is Gay


Oh girl! It’s about to get real if this get back to Katt Williams.

Comedian Faizon Love is spilling tea on Williams that he is “gay”. Yep, Katt Williams is allegedly a closet top according to his ex bestie.

Love went on the “Wanda Smith Show” on an Atlanta station V-103 to have a keke session. Of course, he had a mouth full of shade to throw at Ms. Williams.


Here’s what he had to say:

Love: “He’s sick. He’s something else. If he just came out of that ‘thang’ and be who he is…Come out of the closet. He came to Atlanta for a reason. Just come out and say it, it’s all good. I just think that a homosexual man who doesn’t want to say he’s homosexual, you start taking it out on women…trying to fight kids at soccer matches..I mean who socks a kid…I am homosexual but I can’t say it.”

He also said that he knows for a fact that Williams is a closet queen.

Love: “Oh yes, yes, yes…He could have a new TV show on A&E or Bravo, ‘The Katt’s Tongue’ or something. Just imagine if him and Caitlyn Jenner did the show together. I’m telling you facts. There’s something on the internet where he trapped a little boy. I did not see him struggling to hard with that boy wrestling (referring to Williams’ viral video fight with a Georgia teen). He went down kind of easy, I’m just saying. I tell the truth.”

Now Faizon know he’s messy for that one. Girl, you throwing’ too much that you’re feeling some type of way. But any who, the cause of their falling out was after a comedian tour they did together.

First of all, what happened at the tour between the two should be the question. Second of all, If Love is calling out Williams for being gay, does that make Love gay too since he did upload a video in 2013 telling the world that Chris Stokes topped him. And lastly, it’s a common factor that the boys be moving to Atlanta for one purpose only. I’m just not going to say what it is because everybody knows the tea behind that in 2016. Now, let’s sit back and wait on this read that Ms. Williams is going to deliver when she finds out about this. Fix this union jesus.


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