WHAT WOULD YOU DO: Man Caught On Video Bottoming For Another Man

LADIES! What would you do if you find out that your man was gay? Of course, whooping his ass would come to mind first. Any woman would but in this case, this is not the outcome.

This man doesn’t have to do any explaining after being caught on camera bottoming for another man. The cheater was. . . .well, not anymore, the cheater is on the down low and didn’t want his current girlfriend to know about his hidden lifestyle. Now, the girlfriend and his whole bubble knows about his hidden lifestyle and doesn’t care about his sexuality. And YES, the girlfriend doesn’t care too.

The other man, Markeith Rivers, blasted him via social media on a Wednesday. Here’s the post below:


On one of his post pertaining to the cheating, there were screenshots showing that she doesn’t care about his preference as long as he’s paying child support.

All I have to say about this one is if her kitchen catches on fire, don’t beat his ass for starting it because you knew he liked the same thing you like.


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  1. Sexuality is so fluid- if you truly loved your man, you would love him and accept him for more than just his sexual preferences. #butthatsnoneofmybusiness


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