4 Common Facts People Should Know About CHURCH SISSIES


Remember the church sissy who took to Twitter that homosexuals “deserved” the Orlando massacre? Comes to find out that girl likes ASS too. Yes, Ms. Adkins tried it with a guilty ass. She got caught up three days ago by the law for molesting a young boy. It’s always the closeted church sissies who got a mouthful to say about the LGBT lifestyle and always end up apart of the equation. Now that’s that shit that really bothers me about them Praise Break bottoms.

This is a very common about these people of the church. Same stunts and same shit they been doing back in the day. If you’re going to be about the word of god, be about the word of god and not the words you “moan” in bed with the Drag Queen that just topped you. And one more thing: If you’re going to preach the word, MAKE SURE YOUR SHIT IS ALL THE WAY TOGETHER because some of you so-called preachers be preaching on Sundays about the same shit you do on Saturday nights at the gay club. What’s really funny is that some them still be having their green (Grindr) and blue (Jack’d) lights on. It’s like they do more gay shit than the gays do. But since I am on this topic, here are four common facts people should know about Church Sissies. Now let me say this: If you don’t like what I’m about to say or what I’m saying, than you SHOULDN’T BE HERE.



  1. They try SO HARD to uphold an image they can’t carry

This here is true tea and I kid you not. Now, who would TRY so hard and hold an image they know damn well they can’t carry well? Right! Ms. Adkins, Ms. Donnie, and Ms. Eddie too. If a person is “trying” so hard to uphold a certain image for the church, well baby I got news for you: SOMETHING AIN’T RIGHT. That spirit they try to keep in check is trying to show it’s face. If “trying” is what you have to do, then I’m not sorry to say that your ass is GAY too. If god can see the truth, the girls can see it too. Bitch! Everybody can see right through every church queen that walks through the doors of Second Baptist Church, Bedside Baptist, Episcopal, Whatever Baptist Church there is. Y’all better watch out for this “trying” ass sign they try to put on for the church. DON’T BE A FOOL!


2. They’re quick to judge you because they’re living in their judgement

It’s sad but true that it have to be this way with them. The religious ones will judge you without even looking in the mirror at themselves. The same things they judge you about are the things they’re doing behind closed doors. Trust me when I say this. The two reasons they pass judgement is to make themselves look like a saint and to cover the fear of being judged by people in their environment if they were to ever find out. Quiet as it’s kept, their prayer circle crew already know and just waiting on them to come out. Hunnie, you can’t judge what you are.


3. They always get caught up

Now, Ms. Adkins. How do you manage to preach against sin but you get caught up in the sin you’re preaching about? Fondling little school boys ain’t cute. It would’ve been disappointedly acceptable if you got caught up with a man. But out of all men, you chose a boy. You can’t be messing with somebody’s child and thinking you’re not going to face the consequences for your actions.

It’s always the ones that holds an image of a saint like they have nothing to lose. No shade if you’re doing dirt in the dark, yes you do have a lot to lose. It’s like a person going in and out of jail numerous times with the same charge. If you think you’re not going to get caught, then you’re asking to get caught.



4. They are hypocrites

I’m not sorry for saying this because this is true as well with the other four. Religious people who appear to be “perfect” are the biggest hypocrites walking on this earth. The first thing that always come out of their mouth is always something relating to homosexuality. “Gay is an abomination,” “All gays are going to hell,” etc. Last time, some of you partake in homosexual activities and probably don’t repent. It’s just a sad thing the church sissies are quick to judge when they aren’t perfect themselves. So watch out for this sign too. The biggest religious hypocrites are the First Baptist Sissies. Don’t say I didn’t tell you nothing.