Meet Mr. Steal Your Grandson, Alleged Ex-Boyfriend Leaks Photos

I’m pretty sure everyone has seen the sexy and casual photos of Mr. Irvin Randle, who goes by Mr. Steal Your Grandma, that went viral months ago. But gurl, did y’all know he had a bae too? And it wasn’t a woman either.

Baby! A young Houston gurl by the name of Ahmad Booth posted a few photos of him and his “ex” on Instagram that included Mr. Irvin. The receipts has been sent to all the blogs and made it into a ke.

#tbt😊 birthday week with the ex but past is the past #goodtimes

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Who knew that Mr. StealYourGrandma was really stealing grandpa’s and grandsons this entire time. Quiet as it’s kept, a few things were really quite suspect with him. It’s not his age and it’s not JUST how all the way he is into fashion, but why is he still single or why isn’t there any women in any of his pictures? If y’all understand where I’m going with this. But if Mr. Randle didn’t get it by now, his tea was going to come to the light rather if he was or wasn’t with this person. Things like this always happens when your business gets out from an openly gay man who still bitter in the mouth. Now, let’s find what Mr. Randle got up his sleeve when he founds out about this.