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Last week, Bring It and Infamous Dancerette’s Coach John Conner has been the kiki last weekend after being charged for criminal exposure to HIV, soliciting sexual exploitation of a minor and statutory rape by an authority figure.

The tea is going around that one of his male dancers on his team are one of the victims. Justin J, a social media blogger from Memphis, interviewed another victim that came forward to speak up on the connection he had with John. The victim isn’t a minor and doesn’t wish to be identified.

According to Justin J, the victim was the first to press charges on Coach John after finding out he was tested positive for HIV and expressed his disappointment with him.

Here is the discussion between Justin J and the victim:

How did you and John first meet?

“We met on Facebook. I reached out to him towards the end of last year (2015) him it was nothing serious it was just talking online. At the end of February, I told him that ‘I got to come visit you one day’ and he was like ‘that’s ok that’s cool’. I ended up taking a day off work and went out there and got a hotel room.”

Before you all had sex, did you ask John about his HIV status or did the conversation of  STDs or HIV come up?

“No, I didn’t because in my mind at the time I didn’t think it would get to that. I didn’t think we were going to have sex. I thought we were just going to hang out. He woke me up around 4am and we had sex.”

What made you get tested for HIV after having sex with John?

“It was a big blow up on Facebook and I found out that he was trying to talk back to his ex. His ex contacted me through Facebook and told me to call him. He was telling me how John was trying to get back with him. I told him I was just out there last week and we had been having sex unprotected. He was like he told me last year that he was HIV positive. So after everything he told me that I didn’t want to talk to him anymore. So I asked him what was this all about him being HIV positive and he just took a deep breath and kind of avoided the question.”

What was his response when you told him that you were HIV positive?

“When I was at the doctor. I found out instantly. I called him crying and he told me to stop crying. He said he was crying ’cause he was at work at the time. He was like ‘call me when you leave’. So when I left, he went ahead and told me everything. He said he knew he had HIV at the time and he thought he was undetectable and ‘I didn’t think you could catch it’. I told him ‘why didn’t you just tell me we could have both made sure we used condoms’. I knew it was partially my fault but [he] knew you had it.”

Do you think John was undetectable? 

(Essentially, ‘undetectable’ refers to when an HIV-positive person has a negative result on a blood test. This can only happen when they consistently take their prescribed antiretroviral medication. When someone is undetectable–only a doctor can provide this information–they are much less likely to pass on HIV to another partner.) “When we used to hang out all day, not once did I see him take medication or sneak off to take medication. There was no indication that he was on medication.”


What made you file charges?

“[…]He didn’t want me to tell my mother. My mother is like my best friend. I ended up telling her. My family and stuff that knew said that he needed to pay for this. It could’ve been more than just me. And it’s a total of 4 people that I was told by my detective.”


Are you on medication?

“Yes, I started taking medication in August and I’m now undetectable. I have family and friends who are supporting me through this time.”

Now, those teas really took me for a loop. It’s true that John made a post saying that he was undetectable, which is going to have some people questioning him and others just believing that he’s telling the truth.

The victim also told Justin that he almost didn’t press charges because people who knew John were saying in the comments that everything that happened is a lie. In addition to what the victim told Justin, he made several attempts to contact John.

Now, y’all can believe whatever y’all want to believe but the truth is in the pudding when it comes to these receipts that you are going to read below:


Well, there you have it people. Sometimes, it’s best to ask questions first to gain some clarity before you continue anything with a person you barely know. Or it will lead you into a life-changing situation like this. Know your worth and don’t fall for people too quickly that you’ll end up hurt.

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