Has anyone gotten into HD Production’s Fallacies? Well, let me tell you this. All of you must get into it because it’s really interesting to watch and makes you want to see what’s going to happen on the next episode.

Fallacies, an Atlanta-based gay web series, shown its first episode, the Pilot, last Sunday on YouTube. It opened with a young, black gay man who appears to be in a mental institution with tears rolling down his face as if he was showing expression of stress and depression.

Corey Knott, the owner of the HD Productions brand, and Lyrik London are the producers of the newly-formed gay web series. Cast members are Adonis Envy, Jay Boe, Nova Kane, Shacoria Horne, Ti’China McGee, Vonte Harden, and Diondree Drinks. Knott is also the creator of two other hit web series, Real Eyes Realizes Real Lies and Living 4 the Weekend.

The web series is about the adversity of the lives of the LGBTQ community. The producers believes that it will have a huge impact primarily impart to the issues gays face day to day such as relationship issues, HIV awareness, fighting adversity, and survival remorse.

There are lots of stigmas and common trends that’s transcending in today’s lifestyle that must be bright to the light to be broken. The LGBTQ community itself is responsible to only make that change happen. I’m looking forward to seeing what the first season of Fallacies has to bring to the LGBT audience.

If you didn’t get a chance to see the premier of Fallacies, here’s the video to Episode 1: