Ms. Milan Shows Off Her New Hair Piece

Gurl, I don’t know if the world is coming to an end or if it’s just global warming making people act different from their normal selves but Miley Ann really tried it.

Just a few days ago, Milan Christopher, a former cast member of VH1’s Love & Flip Flop. . . . .I mean Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, was here to tell the gurls on Instagram that her gig isn’t over until she says it’s over by posting a pic of her new hair piece. I don’t know who told her to do it but she did it anyway.

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Everyone is use to seeing that shiny milk dud head of his until he either snatched it off of Miguel’s head or just bought it from a 69th Street Hood Beauty Salon Hair Store for $15 off the clearance rack.

Maybe she’s just having the time of her life to brand herself for bookings, parties, modeling, and more in order to keep at least her name relevant in the music entertainment media. But there is one question that needs an answer:

Who in the hell influenced him to get this piece sewed into his scalp and why?