LETS TALK ABOUT IT: Solange’s “Seat At The Table” Album

Why Lord? Singer and Beyonce’s sister Solange released her third album on last Friday. Three things I can say I love about Solange is she’s her own person, she appears to be with humble and confidence, and she’s has her own unique style.

Her newly-produced album has 21 songs including popular artists such as Lil Wayne, Kelly Rowland, Q-Tip, Nia Andrews, The-Dream, Kelela, Sampha, and BJ the Chicago Kid. Out of 21-track album, I fell in love with five of them that made me have a seat at the corner instead of a seat at the table. The songs that I’ve listened to blew my mind away that I felt that this album was well produced and put together. But anywho, the five songs I enjoyed listening to out of the entire album were Cranes In the Sky, Don’t Touch My Hair, Don’t Wish Me Well, Don’t You Wait, and Weary. 

To me, this album isn’t just smooth but it’s very powerful, soulful and vintage like. You can tell the album is vintage by her video settings, promos, and more. Overall, it gives me the Centric channel teas (no shade).  Here’s the video below to give a gist of what I mean:

In conversation with W, she said she was aiming to make, “A highly honest, disruptive, angsty record with all of the nuances that I wanted to express.” According to Complex, the first 86 fans that signed up on her site ended up getting a limited-edition hardcover book that serves as a companion piece to the album. That’s really a true gift from her to the fans that was eager to listen the album.

On a scale from one to 10, I will give this an eight because her and her team put in a lot of time and creativity into this project to tell her story. One thing that I didn’t like about the album was that some of the songs I disliked, it didn’t get me all the way into it and some of the beats and rhythms of the songs threw me off.