image CLOCKED! Safaree Gets Caught With A Transgender

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Nicki! I have some tea and it’s about your ex, Safaree. So remember a few nights ago on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood when Nikki confronted him about his side chick? I know you don’t care to know this but hunnie, his side chick is a transgendered woman.

Yep, Safaree got caught up with a man in a woman’s body. The woman’s face was covered up on the episode a few nights ago. According to MTO News, she knew Safaree. Oh did she huh? She further explained by talking about how intimate they were and had the receipts to prove that they were texting each other.

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MTO News also says that Ms. Safaree lost and threatened to quit the show if they didn’t cut the scene out and claimed that he didn’t know her. Well gurl, she said she knows you and she got the receipts to prove it. It’s his word against hers and from the looks of his reactions, her word got the best of him and his guilty conscience. So what were his actions speaking? He’s in denial about something and really hiding whatever bones he has in his closet. I guess he has another stress in his hand other than that lawsuit he’s trying to throw at Nicki. So gurls, what do you think about this situation with Ms. Safaree?

LINK: Nicki Minaj’s EX-BOYFRIEND . . . Got Caught On Love And Hip Hop . . . With A TRANSGENDER!!! (Explosive Details)