image GO TO SLEEP: Nicki Isn’t Dropping A New Album At Midnight

The gurls are really going crazy over one of Nicki’s tweets about her releasing a new album called Pick My Fruit. Here are the tweets she made today about her alleged new album:

Gurl, I’m just here to let you know that you’re about to lose some sleep over a false alarm. She got you all hyped for a Frank-Ocean prank she pulled.

If you’re on iTunes right now typing in “Pick My Fruit” onto the search bar, the only search results you’re going to get is Ava DuPree’s Pick My Fruit. Pretty much, you’ve been gooped from your sleep. So I know some of you gurls are going to be pressed for being stood up by Nicki’s tweet. Let’s see how this will turn out when the sun peeks. Good luck on finding this NEW album she’s been talking about. Lord! Nicki done pulled a Frank Ocean move.

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