image North Philly Man Sentenced To 114 To 228 Years For Sexually Assaulting Teen Boys


Some people have got to do better when comes to their actions. A North Philadelphia man has been sentenced to 114 to 228 years by a Philadelphia judge. 26-year-old Leon Watson was found guilty for forming a sham neighborhood football to lure teenage boys and sexually assaulting them.

According to Assistant District Attorneys Branwen McNabb and Brandon Jaycox, the team only existed under its name, which a football was thrown around and the T-shirts were written on by marker as the team uniform. That doesn’t sound like an official team but more like a set up to secretly have sexual relations with the young boys.

In January, he was also found guilty of the same thing when he sexually assaulted five boys from the ages of 8 to 10 and a 21-year-old disabled man he persuaded to his house to play on his neighborhood football. The team was called the “Little Vicks.”

From the looks of it all, Leon has a lot more tea that people should be aware of. He had a history of sexually assaulting five other children that included his siblings. In November 2013, one of his family members found out about his behavior and immediately called the Department of Human Services. When police and DHS workers arrived at his home, he told two other boys that were inside to give them false information and to go hide in the upstairs closet. When police went to search inside the home, it was over for Watson when the two boys were found.

Both victims, who are now 10 and 11, appeared at Leon’s court hearing to tell their story. The sad part about this is that one of the boys written a letter to express his fear that he caused them. The letter read, “I hope you’re in jail for a long time for what you did to me and my brother. I’m scared for life, I hate you.” Imagining how these boys feel right now, it’s going to impact them as they grow older. Hopefully, they don’t grow older to face life problems and not being able to open up to others about how impacted they are about this situation.

Timika Lane, Common Pleas Court Judge, told Watson that he demonstrated that he couldn’t live within the confines of a civilized society. She went on by asking him about making any apologies. His response was no. Leon deserves this sentence and god don’t like ugly either. Why do older man try to go after young boys and ruin their life when you have plenty of gay men are the same age as you that are willing to consent to what you’re desiring?