RuPaul Comes Forward, Claims Trump Touched Him Inappropriately In The 1990s

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This year’s election is a ki after numerous women came forward to air out Donald Trump‘s sexual misbehavior and mistreatment towards them. Let’s not forget about the legendary RuPaul, who also has tea on him that could possible see his hopes for being the next president gooped.

Any who, The Drag Race’s host comes forward to tell us that Donald touched his third leg and booty at a movie-releasing event for To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar. Ru, at the time, appeared in full drag, which caused Trump to mistake him for a real woman.

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Now, this should be enough proof to claim that Trump isn’t a good fit to be the next president for the United States. This is also verification that all the other claims and stories from the women that came forward are true.

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This is what RuPaul said:

I had just come out of the bathroom when Trump jumped on me and kissed me”, he explained. “He started grabbing my ass and pulled my dress up to grab my genitals. He suddenly became very angry. He started yelling and cursing, and he left the party.”

Yes gurl, that sounds accurate about Trump’s attitude if you ask me. “He just wanted to use me as an object,” RuPaul told Hollywood Inquirer. “I’ve never felt so dirty in my life! In a way, I was saved by the fact that I’m a man.” Hunnie, I’m glad you was saved too from the blood of Jesus. Muva also admitted that she found him attractive at the time until he started being so nasty and so rude.

Last week, several women came forward to describe their mistreatment and how he was harassing them. All the teas started to spill after he talked about groping, kissing, and having sex with women who weren’t his wife. No shade but after hearing this tea from muva, I’m starting to believe that he’s gay. I really hope that Hillary Clinton wins this year’s election because Ms. Trump is irresponsible and not a good fit for presidency. Then on top of that, he’s only for the people who are wealthy. So gurls, what are your thoughts on this shocking tea?