Down Low Man Exposed By Gay Man

Now gurl, this is so dirty in both ways. A gay man sleeping with a man who is in a relationship or married, and a man cheating outside of his relationship.

Markeith Rivers, who is known as the “Down Low Detective” for sleeping with married DL men and exposing them on his Facebook page, went on another journey to expose another one on Facebook. But THIS TIME, trade (Justin Jones) is taking off all of his clothes. Now that’s a ki.

CHILE! Click on this link HERE and look at this foolishness that’s taking place:

Last month, she exposed a guy by the name of Omarr Jackson, who was married, by having him on his knees not to expose him to his wife. There’s also a video where he exposed Pastor Henrico White.

One day, somebody is going to do something dangerous to Markeith because of the men that he are having sexual relations with. Don’t get me wrong, I applaud him for exposing the truth about these married men but he’s also creating a negative light for all gay men who are still struggling to defeat the stigmas we already have. I’m assuming that he doesn’t care about that but what he really need to care about is getting some test results done before it’s too late. No shade but he’s just another gurl. So gurls! What are your thoughts on this situation? Do you think he’s making a fool out of himself or is he doing the right thing?