CHILE! Black Gay Trump Supporter Ejected From Really After Headlocking Another Supporter


Chile! This past weekend was a fool at the Trump rally, which was held in Greensboro, North Carolina. A man wearing a “#GAYS FOR TRUMP” shirt was ejected for head locking another supporter. Hunnie, here’s the video:

And gurl guess what? The man is black, at least that’s what the gurls are saying. After police came to rescue the attacked Trump supporter, the crowded cheered him on by chanting, “Let Him Stay.” Let him stay? After beating on the man? That says a lot about what many Trump supporters are about. Then apparently, his husband, who goes by Peter Boykin, goes on twitter to cheer on his foolishness and making numerous tweets, which seems to look like he’s seeking attention.

Here are the tweets from his husband:

Now gurl, catch the shade when you read this next tweet:

Now this is too much. A black gay Donald Trump supporter married to white gay man, head locking the gurls at presidential rallies, and receiving chants and high fives for that type of behavior? And I bet Donald Trump didn’t give two blue fishes and a f*** about that late Gays For Trump movement. Quiet as it’s kept, he’s probably already plotting to take away gay rights IF he gets elected into the White House, which I am praying he doesn’t get it. Chile! I just can’t.