Miami Preacher Arrested For Human Trafficking

Now gurl! This is another case where a church member is preaching about sin but gets caught up doing it. Miami Pastor Ron Maurice Cooper was arrested on Monday on several charges for human trafficking, human trafficking of minors, false imprisonment, and deriving support from proceeds of prostitution.

According to police reports, he recruited males from ages 16 through 18 in January 2013 to have them to meet up with photographer to do paid modeling work. The victims told detectives that the photography they were suppose to meet with was actually someone who paid them to have sex with them.

The victims also said that they were scared of Cooper because of what he may do to them. Cooper went by “Romeo.” Cooper threatened to kill them if they refused to give him money and had also beaten two other people. What’s so sad about this case is that it was all of the victims’ first time having same-sex sexual intercourse¬†with each other.

There’s also more tea to the case about Cooper that he would drugged them up with “Tina” or crystal meth to be aroused and relax while performing sexually. This man also would post their pictures on Craiglist, Backpage, and Badoo to solicit clients, according to the police.

These victims had sex in different locations of Miami in mostly motels, where they would go to when they are scheduled to have sex with him or other clients.

Cooper appeared in court on Wednesday and is held without bond. It is also to believe there are at least 10 more victims involved in this case. Ugh! poor children. I’m glad they got this man off the streets.