Andrew Caldwell’s Aunt Deliver-ts The Real Tea On Her Nephew

After Kordell won his defamation lawsuit against Internet-celebrity queen Ms. Andrew Caldwell, his aunt came out to deliver us some mail about her bipolar nephew. Oops, did I say that out loud?

But gurl, Funky Dineva released a blog today about the gurl’s auntie telling it all. From the looks of it, she seems to be very fed up with her nephew’s stunts. She’s telling the gurls that her nephew is bipolar, he receives a $600 monthly disability check, owns numerous credit cards, never had a job, was in special ed classes in school, and he is one of the four bipolar siblings (seven siblings total) along with his mother. She’s also throwing out there that he’s been arrested for fraud (which everyone already knew that tea), he’s being used by the church he’s affiliated with, he can barely write, and to don’t believe the books he allegedly wrote.

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DAMN GINA! According to auntie, she also says that mental illness runs in the family. This should explain to why he is the “way” he is. We all figured that something wasn’t right with him long after his “Deliver’t” video surfaced across the internet and claimed that he was sexually involved with football star Kordell Stewart.

No shade but HE NEEDS HELP. By looking at several of his Facebook live videos, he’s clearly seeking attention, something is really wrong with him that it ain’t even funny no more, and he doesn’t know what kind of negative attention that could ruin his image even more than what it is. So Gurls, what are your thoughts are on Ms. Andrew?

Follow up on the blogs from Funky Dineva: Andrew Caldwell’s Aunt Say’s He’s A Slow, Bi-Polar, Liar, That Receives An SSI Disability Check