image Man Denied By Pastor To Sing At Mom’s Funeral Because Of Sexuality

This can’t be serious right now, it just can’t be. Chile! A young man named Tavion Miller was told by the pastor of Greater Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Mississippi that he was unable to sing at his own mom’s funeral because he’s openly gay.

The tea is that the pastor of the church turns out to be his own uncle, which is his mom’s brother. I know she is doing a lot of shaking and turning in her grave right now because her son was denied by her own brother to sing for her.

Miller took to Facebook to post the letter he received from the church that read this:

“We are sorry for your loss however as it is a conflict of our beliefs and the bylaws of the church, we cannot allow you to perform a song at your mother’s funeral because of your history as a homosexual.”

The letter also stated people are participating in same-sex relationships and same-sex sexual acts cannot perform in the ceremony within the church. If you ask, it’s obviously because it’s a sin and it’s not acceptable. “Anytime someone lives an openly sinful life and the church condones their actions, it provides the example that sin is acceptable,” which was also stated in the letter. Another thing it read was that Tavion was free to sing for his mother “outside of the church.”

Bitch! Are they really serious? This man is going through a tough time in his life mourning the death of his mother. So gurls, what’s your take on this situation? Should the church allow Tavion to sing for his mother?