Lesbian Killed In South Africa For Being Gay

Gay woman kidnapped from her home and shot dead in South Africa

A 22-year-old South African woman was kidnapped and found dead on Saturday. Noluvo Swelindawo, who also goes by Vovo, was killed for being a lesbian. Her body was discovered near a footbridge close by the N2 highway with gunshot wounds.

Nqabisa Mkatali, Vovo’s girlfriend, realized her home was broken into and declared that she went missing as she went to neighbors for help. Neighbors, friends, and family went searching the Khayelitsha area all night as the police were conducting the investigation. The tea is that the neighbors believe that she was taken by a gang. Her friends also said that she was hit by a young man on Friday, which left her with a swollen eye and that she didn’t want to discuss it. She was assaulted the night before she was murdered.

Since no arrest have been made, Free Gender Khayelitsha founder Funeka Soldaat brought the community together to search for Vovo’s killer. “The way our communities react when such crimes are committed is a concern,” she said. “What is most painful about this is the fact that it seems there is no outrage. It seems like it’s normal. But if this was a straight woman, the reaction would have been different.” She makes a valid point when she says this because if a straight woman in South Africa or in the continent of Africa was to get murdered, kidnapped or raped, people are quick to find and brutally torture the suspect to their deaths. Hunnie, I will not adding Africa to a list of places to travel because when it comes to gay people, they always end up killing them first before anything else.