Jury Foreman Thinks Walter Scott Shooting “Wasn’t Malicious”

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Sometimes, I think some people don’t think things through. . . .Especially Dorothy. Dorsey Montgomery, a jury foreman of the Walter Scott murder trial, appeared on the view to discuss his decision. The gurl said that the shooting “wasn’t malicious.” Here’s what she stated during the interview: “I went there with an open mind … I told them, ‘We have to pull our emotions outta this, and look at the facts. That’s what I based my decision on.” Take a look at the video:

At first, he was going to convict him of the murder charge but all of a sudden, he changed his mind because he felt that his feelings were involved, which lead him to feel that he should present the facts. No sweetheart, the facts are that the shooting was intentionally according to the video and you, Ms. Dorothy, is blindfold yourself from the truth of it all.