Kordell Ends Gay Relationship Rumors, Confirms Himself In Video

Now, I’m starting to think that Kordell is hiding a secret that he doesn’t want anybody to know. What’s really going on here?

The tea has gone widespread that Kordell Stewart, the ex-husband of Housewives of Atlanta’s Porsha Williams, had a nude video leaked by an alleged ex boyfriend. Here’s the access to the video:

Hunnie, sources are saying that the ex claims that they’ve been together for two years. The ex also tells more tea that Kordell has been paying for him to help him get his Master’s degree, went on trips together, still in contact with Porsha, and even slept in the SAME bed together. He also says that Kordell had talked to him about two girls sucking on him, one of them sucking the dick while the other eating his cakes. Stewart asked him if he would do it and he said maybe then one night, they’ve gotten drunk and it happened. In several blogs and reports, the mystery ex-boyfriend came out to be identified as Quentin, who goes by Funky Dineva Ross, a YouTube and blogger celebrity. So, this means that an ex boyfriend for two years never existed.

Click on this link to view the video of him confirming the nude video incident: http://www.tmz.com/videos/0_nolyygaa

Another tea that’s going around is that he sent the video to some fish. Fish sent some tea to B. Scott that Kordell WAS in the video but the part with his brownie cakes in it was edited. Apparently, she sent the video to her friends and somehow, her phone got stolen and it got out. Sources also say that Porsha is here to tell the gurls that she has nothing to do with Kordell showing off his cakes to the world and she hasn’t spoken with him since she signed the divorce papers.

Now no tea, no shade but there needs to be a closer look at this scandal. For one, it’s gay. Why would you send fish a video with not only your big ass dick but your ass too? I’m sorry but if a man sends a woman a video of him showing his dick and ass, he’s gay. Another issue is that it seems like a publicity stunt. In some way, this was a setup just to get attention. So far, he’s getting it but not in his favor. I’m sure that everyone is questioning his sexuality because he’s already been involved in two gay scandals. So Kordell gurl, if you’re gay, quit playing the hiding game because you’re close to strike three.