Clemson Football Player Apologizes After Grabbing OSU’s Curtis Samuel’s Cakes During The Game


We usually see a common way of showing appreciation in sports with one athlete patting his teammate on the butt. But grabbing the full package, from the cakes to the balls, is quite interestingly too much.

Despite Clemson’s 31-0 win over the Buckeyes in the Fiesta Bowl on Saturday, Defensive Tackle Christian Wilkins apologized after he was caught on a play grabbing Ohio State’s Running Back Curtis Samuel’s cakes.

Here’s the clip of the action:

He admitted that he “was being silly.” He also added “it’s stuff you do when you’re competing.”

Now gurl! Let me show this tweet from Curtis Samuels. You might just gag off of what he just said pertaining to the ass grabbing.

From really evaluating actions through the video, you can’t use the excuse of “being silly” a valid reason to touch another man’s cakes, especially if you’re “suppose to be” straight. And that’s one of the biggest no no’s during a competition.