OH NO! Brandon Karson Is Not Returning To “About Him”

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We sure didn’t see this coming. About Him star Brandon Karson announced that he is no longer in the works with Signal 23 Productions.

He brought it to Facebook and made it known that Signal 23 Television made changes by finding a new replacement for the character Damien, Karson’s acting role, for season 2 without notifying him and felt that he was being used. We have yet to hear from the producer of Signal 23 to inform the reason behind the role change for season 2. Here is what he said in the post:

Though this is such a bittersweet moment, I would like to first thank every one of you who took the time out to support me & “About Him”. Anyone who knows me knows that I put my ALL into everything that I do, but when God says to move, you gotta move.

On this day, I have made the executive decision to no longer work with Signal 23 Television. After being used and then blindsided by a sudden change in casting, I finally realized who these people really were. I was not forewarned of the change, and I have YET to hear from the producers that I have in fact been replaced. Though I feel I’m owed an explanation, it will never happen because People let things get in the way of the true message that God has for them to give to the world. Everything becomes numbers & money, and then people change.

I have no ill wishes towards anyone apart of this production company, and I pray that they continue to thrive, without me. Thank you guys again, for trusting me to do my job and for giving me one hell of a platform. I will never forget this.

A bigger blessing is on the way.

Happy 2017!!! 😘

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We hate to hear that things like this had happen to him, especially with people who worked so hard for their role to get snatched. This is just like Destiny’s Child replacing LaToya Luckett for Michelle Williams. Even though we’ll get to see him on The Plug ATL, where he is one of the radio talk show host, the About Him Web Series will not be the same without him.