SO SAD! Former Deputy Kills Himself Nearly Two Months After Being Arrested For Extorting A Security Guard For Sexual Favors

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Wow! Wow! Wow! It’s just too much tea to be starting the new year like this. Former Office Deputy Rookie Trazell McLeod took his own life on Tuesday nearly two months after being arrested for extorting sexual favors from a male security guard.

Pembroke Pines police says that they found McLeod dead in his home from self-inflicted gunshot wounds. Police said they received a call to his home shortly before 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday night.

McLeod was hired on to the Broward’s Sheriff’s Office team in February. He’s only been with the agency for nine months until he was fired on October 20 for groping a security guard, propositioning him, and popping up at his home in Pompano Beach while on patrol. The tea is that the man told the police that McLeod was inappropriately touching while frisking him. Here’s is what the Miami Herald tells us:

While the deputy went to his car, the guard slipped out a side door, jumped a fence, called his wife and waited for her in the bushes. When the guard got home, McLeod was parked in his driveway. So the guard, who was with his wife and kids, went to a hotel for the night.

He also told detectives that McLeod called and texted him several times, a detective wrote in the affidavit.

On November 10, he was arrested on a $2,500 bond and charged with extortion, falsifying official documents, and tampering with evidence. He seemed liked a very strange person who was obsessed with a married man with a family. It’s 2017! Y’all need to leave these people in relationships and marriages alone because you will end up looking stupid. No shade!