OH GURL! Fetty Wap Gets Lawyers After Sex Tape Leaked

Gurl, Petty Wap isn’t having it because he’s bringing in his lawyers to do some legal to keep his sex tape from surfacing across the internet.

People are saying that Fetty Wap and ex-girlfriend, Alexis Skyy, has a sex tape. Yes, Fetty Wap, Sex Tape, Dick getting sucked by his ex and all. No lie but he had a real nice looking piece and I bet the gurls are on Tumblr right now getting their life off of it.

All I have to say is get all the life you before it possibly get took down like Backpage’s adult ad section. Fetty’s lawyers are preparing cease-and-desist letters to all sites hosting the video.

Despite his team yet not confirming that it’s him, there’s no need for any confirmation when he’s reacting to it by bringing in lawyers into the situation. Alexis is also seeking an attorney as well. All it boils down to is that one of them are behind the leakage of the video. Gurl, this year has starting off so hot that the season must’ve skipped over to summer.