WE’RE RECORDING LIVE. . . . .From A Messy Situation!

If you’re in the building, hashtag #WhatsTheTea. Well Gurl, the tea is that a video has gotten out today to promote Armon Wiggins‘s alleged cyber bullying behavior towards the LGBT community.

This comes after he was named one of the host for 2017 Sizzle Miami that will take place this year. The problem started when Armon made two recent response videos to Jacob Kohinoor‘s twerking video and Markeith Rivers‘s shooting incident. Some people are pointing the finger at the YouTube personality as a reason the LGBT community is being divided. Everyone feels that everything he says is rude, hateful, and bashful while he feels that he’s telling nothing but the honest truth. Like they say, the truth hurts.

Armon is currently on a 30-day suspension from using his Facebook page prior to the two recent videos he made about Jacob and the DL Detective (Markeith). Other than that, the video that was released today was shared on Kordale Lewis‘s page. It seems that everyone is fed up with Armon at this time and trying to keep him off of social media. In the video, it shows where Cherry Balenciaga, Tre Milan Maasai, Samantha James, and others who addressed Armon in numerous occasions for his alleged bashful behavior, pretended to be a transgender woman in one of his videos, and bashing gays who appeared as too feminine and transgender.

But gurl! Here’s the very messy part. If you’re reading this, hashtag #CaughtThatTea.

Seven minutes into the video, you can hear someone laughing loudly and saying YESS in the background. Well, an unnamed source says that Jacob Kohinoor is behind this video that got out. The source also said he is plotting to get Armon removed from hosting Sizzle Miami by convincing the event coordinator, Valentino Laing, not to book him. Pretty much, convincing him to replace Armon for either Tre Milan Maasai or Keith Dupree.

If that is true, that sounds like a messy and shady scandal. But regardless, Laing has already made it official that Armon is still the host for the event according to a comment that was made under the video.

According to the receipts above, there are some questions that need answers. How did it get to Kordale? Why isn’t the video seen on Jacob’s Facebook or YouTube page? Chile! Your guess is good as mines. What are your thoughts on this situation?



  1. Who cares from where the video originated? Its content holds merit. Armon is a parasite to the community & suffers from internalized self hate.


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