About Him Partners Up With BAWN TV

Well Gurls, I hope you’re excited about the second season of About Him because there will be lots of new things to see. . .and there’s also some confusion going on.

If you didn’t know this tea, the web series is no longer working with Signal 23. Yes gurl, writer Tyson Anthony announced that About Him is no longer with Signal 23. Along with the new changes, it is now partnered up with BAWN TV.

It’s confirmed that ALL (Yes, ALL of them including Brandon Karson) cast members from season one will be returning for season two along with the new faces.

Anthony also shared a statement on Facebook about the production change for the web series.

So was he referring to the promo that was released yesterday from Henderson Maddox, Signal 23 film director, for the second season? The fans seem to be confused and disappointed about it after part of Martin Luther King’s speech on civil rights was used throughout throughout the teaser with the names of cast members. Gurl, have a look.

Mind you, there are 13 members for the second season. In the video, you will notice that only 12 names have been listed. Is It me or was that a little shade? About Him will start its production in mid February.