OMG! Pastor Exposes Gay Man For Sending Nude Pics To Teenage Son

GURL! Last night, it went down on Facebook live. A Kansas City pastor took to Facebook live to expose a gay man for sending nude pictures to his teenage son over Facebook messenger and preached about churches accepting homosexuals.

Pastor Daniel Simmons confronted a gay man by the name of Orvion Wells, who claims he goes to his church, after he sent his son pictures of his cakes.

Simmons came off very furious in the video as he expressed his thoughts on the situation. He said that all homosexuals in the church need to get right with the king to get into the kingdom of god, how all of the churches need to get homosexuals out of the church, and also referred to all homosexuals as “sissies.” I understand the pastor was upset about the situation but he went way out of line when he said “sissies” because he don’t know if there are any other gurls in his church that actually looks up to him for guidance.

In Wells defense, he says that the messages were a mistake because someone hacked into his page. Here are the receipts of the messages:

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To be honest with you, Wells IS telling the truth about his page being hacked because someone sent me the same message. Here’s why I believe THAT part:

Now as far the messages go, Ms. Orvion more than likely did sent those photos to the pastor’s son by mistake from the way he was apologizing. He probably meant to send it to trade he was conversing with over Facebook messenger to exchange nude photos and somehow sent it to the wrong person. Hell, she probably got a full Inbox of trade trying to get a piece of that “Holy Spirit.”

My thing about the whole situation is that no one is perfect and everyone has sinned more than once. Starting with the pastor, it was okay for Mr. Simmons express his frustration at the situation with Ms. Orvion and his son, he had every right to be but as far as the name calling and the other stuff he was saying afterwards, he tried it. He doesn’t know if there are homosexuals in his church who look up to him as a role model for guidance, not to shame someone for being who they are or what they’re struggling with. If you’re going to preach the word of god, you shouldn’t have any hate in your heart towards anybody no matter if they love the same sex, animals, whatever. You should love them for who they are, what they are to become in a greater sense, and uplift them. Who is he to say that all homosexuals are going to hell for being gay? He doesn’t know that at all. He doesn’t know if he’s going to heaven after what he said last night because those are not things that God wouldn’t say to his children.

And as for Ms. Orvion, this should be a learning lesson for her to watch who she send her blessings over to Facebook because you’ll never know what you may get in return or who’s watching you. But gurl! Be careful next time.