GURL! Former Sex Siren Santonio Johnson Arrested

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Lord! Life after the ballroom scene came seem is like life after being a Disney Channel star. Former Sex Siren Ballroom Star Santonio Johnson was arrested yesterday on his birthday after attacking his drug dealer.

Yes gurl, she attacked her drug dealer with a knife. The gurls are saying that he’s on drugs such as cocaine, his nose has had some work done to it, and he’s not the same as he looks (if you read between the lines). But anywho gurl, the person who was attacked was identified as Kyng Anthony Johnson, who took the situation to Instagram. Take a look:


Apparently, Johnson said on his Instagram post that he was mad because Dutchess of the hit show Black Ink Crew didn’t want to talk to him. If that’s true then we need to hear it from her. The tea is still filling up more and more as evidence is being put together to what really happened, who did what and why. But until then, the gurls are still dragging him across the mud on social media about his nose. Jesus!


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