Beyoncé Gets Pregnant By A Lawsuit

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Dang! Beyoncé just announced that she’s having twins but from the looks of it, she may be having triplets because she got hit with a lawsuit.

Angel Barre, the sister of well-known New Orleans bounce rapper Messy Mya, is suing Bey for copyright infringement after using her brother’s voice on her ‘Formation” video without permission. The sister is suing the queen for $20 million in damages along with royalties. She’s also seeking credit for the late rapper as a ‘writer, composer, producer, and performer.’

She also claims that Bey’s use of her brother’s works would make it unchallenging that it would create the impression that his estate’s consented to ‘defendants’ use of voice.

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Messy Mya – also known  as Anthony Barre – was an independent rapper who worked alone and did not endorse popular singers. He also used social media to promote his rapping talent on YouTube to the world. On Nov. 14, 2010, he was shot and killed after leaving a baby shower event with his pregnant girlfriend.

According to court documents, Ms. Angel will be represented by Roy Rodney Jr., who was their grandfather’s former business partner. She filed the lawsuit after one year of the release.

Now Wait! Bey did mention Messy Mya in the New Orleans-themed video as a homage. There has to be some kind of agreement that she was able to use it. I think Ms. Angel more than likely will not win a coin from this case. I’m just saying because everyone knows how quickly this is going to turn out like it did the last time Bey was sued. If she can end careers, she can end lawsuits too.