The GAG! Jack’d Gets A Field Day With Unlocked Private Pictures

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Yesterday was an interesting day for Jack’d users after there were many reports of a glitch on the unlock private photos feature.

The gays were going crazy after seeing each others “private photos”- or leaked nudes- WITHOUT being unlocked.

The owner of the Jack’d fan page posted two statuses regarding the glitch that occurred earlier yesterday for most of the users on the app.

“We’re having some drama. We’re working hard to get things back on track. Thanks for your patience.”


“We value our members privacy and due to a handful of complaints we’re temporarily disabling the ability to unlock private photos. Stay tuned!”

I bet there were lots of screenshots, catfish revealings, and a lot more you can image that was going on during those moments. Let’s see who’s relationships, marriages, and true identities are on the line for being exposed.