Ciara McElveen Becomes Sixth Reported Murder Of Trans Women In 2017

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After just two days of the murder of Chyna Doll Dupree in New Orleans, another transgender woman was killed in the same city and became the sixth reported transgender woman to be murdered this year.

Ciara McElveen (24) was stabbed to death yesterday (Feb. 27) and was found on 7th ward. She later died after she was transported to the University Medical Center.

She was also misgendered in a press release from the New Orleans Time-Picayune newspaper. The information was corrected Monday evening and identified her as transgender.

Syria Sinclaire, who worked with McElveen during an outreach for the New Orleans’ homeless population, said during a phone interview she was thrown from her death and distraught from the murder of Chyna Doll Dupree that she was afraid to leave her home.

“Trans women don’t want any special privileges,” she said. “We should have the right to live our lives open and free and not be taunted and traumatized by the general public if they don’t approve.”

A memorial for Ciara will be on Monday evening. BreakOUT!, an LGBTQ youth advocacy organization based in New Orleans, will be creating a space for family and friends to grieve and celebrate the lives of McElveen and Dupree. The organization stated to Mic that they refuse to be afraid and they won’t be silent.