Black Trans Man Killed In Louisiana

Demarkis Stamsberry

After two deaths of trans women this past week, a transgender man was shot and killed in Louisiana.

Damarkus Stansberry (30) was shot in the head by Nicholas Matthews (24) on Saturday in Baton Rouge, La. Matthews turned himself in on the day of the shooting and confessed to the murder of Stansberry.

He was pronounced dead at the scene when East Baton Rouge Parish sheriff’s deputies found him shot inside Matthews’s home. The shot was fired into Damarkus’s skull while Matthews was standing next to him when the shooting occurred.

The story starts to get curious when Nicholas told the police that he shot Stansberry by accident. He believed that he unloaded the entire clip on New Year’s Eve. If he had to “thought” it was unloaded and was very unsure, why didn’t he checked it out first? He also didn’t have the legal right to own a handgun.

Another thing that doesn’t sit right with this story is that Nicholas’s brother (Frederick) told two different stories about the incident to the KSLA new station the police. Here are the things he told the police and the news station:

Frederick Matthews

  • Told to KSLA- He was in another room when the shooting occurred.
  • Told to police- Saw an unknown perpetrator run out the home’s front door. He also changed the story up and said that his own brother shot Stansberry. He also said that he saw a handgun around his brother’s waistband when he arrived home.

Frederick and Damarkus were allegedly friends and went to the house together on Friday to pick up some DJ equipment.

Matthews has been charged with negligent homicide, illegal use of a weapon, and possession of a firearm by a felon. His bail is also set at $90,000.

Stansberry is now the fourth reported transgender homicide. Myesha Brown, Stansberry partner, told reporters that he identified as a male. News stations had misgendered Damarkus in press releases. Misgendering trans individuals has been becoming more of an issue and a form of disrespect in the LGBT community lately, which must be put to an end.